by Leslie Graves

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released July 7, 2016

All songs written and performed by Leslie Graves ©2015

All songs recorded at Speakersonic

Anelya Mayzlin: drums - 2,4
Charles Mansfield: lead guitar - 1,2,3,4

Cover art by Julie LaMendola

Thanks to so many friends for support and good listening ears along the way.



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Leslie Graves Brooklyn, New York

Leslie sings in bands based in Brooklyn: GOLD, Endless Arrows, Little Cobweb, The Relastics. She was the singer lyricist in They Would be Happy People and Root Valdez.

She was composer for feature film SPLiT directed by Deborah Kampmeier and sound designer/songwriter for the play Times:365:24:7 by Bone Orchard Theater Company.
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Track Name: projection
she can't meet you
when you make her
what you cling to
what you need
and it makes me sad
when i think of loves
what they turned into
when i squeezed them

there is richness
in longing
and it makes me sad
when all we want
is connection

all i want to do is close the gap
but my wanting grows it

and it makes me sad
when you want me
i'm repelled by
your needing
cause i'm not me
i'm a white sheet
i don't know what to do
do i tell you
i think you're on your own planet now
and i'm on mine
where he treats me bad
i'm still reaching back
i must use the pain
or belief in lack
what's been done to you
you will do
what you do
will be done to you

was i nothing
to you really
but a surface
warm body
no that's not true
i do know you
at least i knew you
in the moments
now you're memory
and my longing
you're the essence
you are sweet
and you live in me
i feel myself
in the space
Track Name: strangers
i cleaned my room for you
i shaved too
you wanted to come over
i'm so happy to see you
we take a shower
we wash each other
if we were strangers
you'd probably rip off my clothes
but we've got layers
that won't come off now

i want to be naked again
i want our baby skin
but we can't

but we can't

but we can't
Track Name: you are me
shadow i love you
outside myself
i want you inside me now
i want to love you
til you are me
you are me
you are me

rocket sisters
letting goers
non resisters
feeling through

it's good we left it
we're being separate
it's good to notice
how dark the hole is
obscure the light
forgive the need
chasing what's mine
but can not reach

shadow i love you
outside myself
i want you inside me now
i want to love you
til you are me
you are me
you are me

you are me
you are me
you are me
you are me.
Track Name: can't get out
fuck this air mattress
we are sinking

when you leave me I fall deeper
then you come back

wanting closeness
sleeping on you
i can't get out
i don't want to

i love your heart
i can't get out
i don't want to

ok ok
can't we stay
til the air's out
til we make it